SaaS application development & benefits

Shubhra Sharma | 6 Oct 2022

We are developing in a modern era of technology. The internet has made it easy for people to connect with their businesses and customers more virtually. Large businesses and companies can communicate with their consumers effortlessly due to the continuous development of SaaS applications.

Besides this, it assists people to understand their necessities so that they can respond suitably. But today, we intend to assist you in exploring the development and benefits of SaaS applications.

SaaS (Software as a Service) is an innovative method for replacing traditional software license purchases. Why is it gaining popularity among service providers and users alike? How is this software developed? 

Let's get started on SaaS application development and learn its benefits!

What is a SaaS application?

Software as a service, or SaaS, is a unique business model from conventional software licensing. With the SaaS approach towards software delivery and maintenance, developers do not sell their programs with a lifetime license or wait until the following year's version to release feature updates. 

Companies promote their software as a service (SaaS), frequently using a subscription model as a substitute. These programs don't require physical installation on a user's computer since they are hosted in the cloud. 

We can take the help of an example to understand the differences between SaaS and on-premise software in a better way. 

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Six Steps to Build a SaaS Application

  1. Conceptualize Vision- You must first evaluate the project's scope from a business point of view. SaaS developers must use critical thinking at this point because doing so will prevent failure. At this stage, make sure to discuss everything with managers, investors, marketers, and designers.
  2. Evaluation- It is crucial that the cloud platform's architecture and functionality served the project's requirements and help it achieve its objectives. The platform must be powerful enough to support scalability along with disaster recovery.
  3. Planning- At this stage, it is essential to standardize the requirements in terms of the reference of the project. Additionally, one must create a roadmap for the project. Another critical area at this point is a risk mitigation strategy.
  4. Expansion & Validation- In this stage, the concluding decisions over architecture style and pricing are made. The subscription management strategy must be properly planned out to the last detail. Besides that, this stage offers backups and potential disaster recovery.
  5. Quality Inspection- It's a good idea to include manual and automated testing techniques in your quality assurance stage. Additionally, beta testers can help you identify a few non-trivial utilization cases you may not have even considered. This process can also include a cloud security assessment.
  6. Development & Operation- Concentrate your efforts on evaluating the performance of your MVP after it is made accessible to users. This step involves gathering user feedback, examining it, deciding what can be improved, and figuring out what new features your users will require. At the same time, SaaS developers on your team can assist you in resolving current bugs and organizing upcoming features.

Let’s now understand a few benefits of SaaS applications:

  • Reduced costs—Paid subscriptions only charge for necessary features.
  • Scalability: The ability to modify the subscription plan to meet evolving needs.
  • Stability: When a service fails, SaaS software continues to function.
  • Protection- Extraordinary security for storing personal information.

Knowing how to create a SaaS application is one thing, but finding a team that can do it at a fair price is another.

You need apps that can grow with your company: apps that can run anywhere, on any platform, ones that can engage your customers, and that seamlessly integrate with your web presence. 

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